Node.js and MySQL tutorial RealMoney

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Node.js and MySQL is one of the necessary binding needed for any web application. MySQL is one of the most popular open source database in world and efficient as well. Almost every popular programming language like Java or PHP provides driver to access and perform operations with MySQL.
In this tutorial i am trying to cover code for learning and code for production. So if you know this already and looking for ready made code for production. Read the rest of this entry »


Picking a Positively Stunning URL Shortener

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The main advantage of a short link is that it is, in fact, short, and can be easily communicated and entered without error. To a very limited extent it may obscure the destination of the URL, though easily discoverable; this may be advantageous, disadvantageous, or irrelevant. A short link which expires, or can be terminated, has some security advantages. Read the rest of this entry »


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I already complete the post on my mobile website you can check the full article CREATING MOBILE SITE A SECOND TIME EARNING FOR ALL i believe reading this will increase your coding works as a starter advanced webmasters can also contribute to the article happy viewing

FA cup: Arsenal claim 1st trophy in nine years

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An extra-time goal from Aaron Ramsey saw Arsenal come from two-goals down to beat Hull City 3-2 in a scintillating FA Cup final.
That came after a remarkable opening to the game which saw Hull race into a two-goal lead within nine-minutes.
James Chester side-footed home from a Tom Huddlestone drive before captain Curtis Davies fired into the net from an acute angle after Alex Bruce’s header had hit the post.
Arsenal did not have to wait too long to get back into the game as on 17-minutes Santi Cazorla curled home a superb free-kick from 30-yards.
Hull looked like they might just hold out but with 19-minutes left they failed to deal with a corner and Laurent Koscielny turned and levelled from inside the six-yard box.
But then with penalties just 11-minutes away – Arsenal broke Hull hearts as Ramsey fired home low past Allan McGregor after great work from Olivier Giroud.
The win ends Arsenal’s own trophy drought as they claimed their first silverware in nine years.

How to start programming

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How To Start
If you have ever wondered
where to start when it comes to
programming, this website will
answer all of your questions. You
are never too old or too young to
start programming and it is not
as hard as you think. Computer
Programming is a subject that
people are generally afraid of, the
idea of typing in codes line after
line sounds both boring and
confusing, but the ability to
create software is really fun and
will give you a whole new view
on how computers work. And
hey, imagine going to a job
interview and saying that you
enjoy Computer Programming in
your spare time! Being able to
develop software is a skill that
comes with great benefits and a
skill that is actually not hard to
learn. This website will provide
you with free tutorials and
resources that will teach you all
of the skills that you need to
know in order to be able to
develop your own applications.
There are thousands of websites
on the internet that claim to help
you start programming, so why
should you use this one? This
website is dedicated to supplying
you relevant content with
relevant information. All of the
tutorials are aimed at people
with little to no experience at all.
Other websites will throw
confusing technical terms at you
and expect you to understand
them which will confuse you and
interrupt your learning
experience, we make sure that
our content can be understood
by anybody. And don’t be scared
away if you already have
programming experience, we
don’t miss anything out!
What We Offer
Although learning how to
program is fun and easy, it isn’t
going to be a walk in the park.
We supply you with videos,
source codes, project files, e-
books and much more to make
sure that your road to becoming
a computer programmer is as
comfortable as possible. And the
best part is, we offer all of this
for free! You can go and waste
your money on expensive books
and memberships but why
spend your money when you can
get all of that information right
here for free? All of the content
on How To Start Programming™
is unique and created by
experienced professionals so you
can be sure that what you are
learning is going to be useful.
Ready To Begin?


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my last post shows how you can create a website,now to make it complete,am sharing this sites with you to download any script of your choice,
http://www.wadaskid.wapka.mobi was sent to me by a friend in Nigeria,its has the best free script format for all nigerian php sites.

or use http://www.weebly.com as your host.


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this article shows step by step on how you can create a website of your own.
domain main
you get a good website to set your site on like http://www.nazuka.net
get a subdomain or buy domain on godady.
choose a script to upload like php,cms
start posting on your site to make it colourful
you need to invite friends as users and trusted friends as admin.
you may install some script to protect your site like askimat.. comment