Top 10 IT Training Courses and Certification of 2018

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We are in the technology age. Every industrial sector is embedded with new and advanced technological products. IT (Information Technology) has become the spine of current human civilization. There is no doubt that students or professionals who have high aspirations must opt for trending IT training courses and certification today. High salary packages, big brands, fruitful career and plethora of job opportunities are going to knock if enrolled to the top 10 global IT training courses.

Key Benefits of a Fully Managed Wi-Fi Solution
1. SAP
SAP programing is the present and future of the technology world. There are various applications and languages floating in the market that need SAP support for enhancement. Some of the SAP training and certification courses are SAP-FI (Financial), SAP-CO (Controlling), SAP-SD (Sales & Distributions), SAP-MM (Material Management), SAP-HR (Human Resources), SAP HANA, SAP-SCM (Supply chain management), etc. Entire SAP training courses mentioned offers a great career and high salary packages.
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Why do Most Programmers Prefer Linux Instead of Windows or OSX?

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As a developer who uses Windows, OSX, and Linux, this is why I think so.
Why Do I Develop Using Linux?
When I am working on LAMP servers, I like to have as much of a local testing environment as I can. I can have all the same software and even different versions of the software running on my development OS, as will run on the actual server when the Site/Application is hosted.

Why Do I Develop Using Windows?
When I need to develop a program for Windows, the Windows OS already has the most effective tools for the job.  Visual Studio and the suite of tools that go with it are the best I can use when developing for the Windows OS.

Node.js and MySQL tutorial RealMoney

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Node.js and MySQL is one of the necessary binding needed for any web application. MySQL is one of the most popular open source database in world and efficient as well. Almost every popular programming language like Java or PHP provides driver to access and perform operations with MySQL.
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156 Top Commands To Use On Your System

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About a year ago now, I wrote an article on my
old site, FixMyXP, called 99 Useful Run
Commands. Over the course of the year, this
article has brought in an enormous amount of
traffic and really put FixMyXP on the map, over
800,000 hits! This article even has been
plagerized numerous times (other websites
copying and pasting into their websites, and
claiming it as their own)…(Continued)
… Because there was so much interest in this
topic, I revisited it a few times (raising the total
number of Run Commands from 99 to 113). I
felt it was time again, to update. I was suprised
that I was able to add an addtional 43 more
Run Commands, bringing the total to 156! I
hope you enjoy!
Added 16 Additional Run Commands
Removed 2 Duplicates.
Total : 113 Run Commands
Added 2 Additional Run Commands
Removed 1 Duplicate.
Total : 114 Run Commands
Added 42 Additional Run Commands,
Total : 156 Run Commands
Do you use the Run feature in Windows XP? For
most, this feature remains unused (or rarely
used). Why is that? Well, First off nearly all of
the Run Commands Correspond to a particular
Control Panel Item or a Utility, Tool or Task that
can be accessed through Windows. There are,
however, tools and utilities that I bet you never
knew you had that can be accessed through the
Run feature. The main reason most people
don’t use the Run feature is because they don’t
know the Commands. So, to solve that
problem, I decided to put together the following
listing, which lists 99 Run Commands and what
they correspond too…
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Make Unlimited Free Calls and Send Unlimited Free Text Messages To All Over The World

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Make Unlimited Free Calls and Send Unlimited Free Text Messages To All Over The World By Using TextMe App
Making unlimited free call and
sending Free text messages to all
over the world is the first priority of
all of us.Just for fulfilling this need
we always useViber, Whatsapp and Nimbuzztype VoIP apps which gives you unlimited free calls
and free text messages to all over
the world.
Viber is the most famous VoIP app in between all other’s but the drawback is that free calling is not available for Viber On Window’s.
So today we are going to
talk about a New VoIP App which
gives you unlimited free calls and
unlimited free text messages to all
over the world, and the calling
quality is crystal clear and text messages delivers in a second.
name of the app is “TextMe” if you are using the app then you know
about the app but all those who
don’t know about the app let us
tell you.
After knowing the TextMe you will
forgotViber, Nimbuzz app and Whatsappfor your Smartphone and for your daily need you will
able to save your lots of bucks
every month by making free
international calls or by sending
free text messages.
About Text Me App For Smartphone’s Text Me Inc was created in March 2011 with only single vision and single measure for success, they only want to deliver services which likes by customers and peoples and all peoples will able to use it for free, so that’s why they charge nothing of their app and you never find any advertisement during the
call and text messages.
have a team of brilliant engineers
so that’s why they use the latest
VoIP technology for better Voice
and fast delivery of messages.
We recommend you that give a try to TextMe app and we are sure that you will forget the Viber app,
Nimbuzz app and whatsapp.
Features Of TextMe VoIP App
Free International Calls to all
around the world.
Send Unlimited free text messages
to all over the world to all other
TextMe users for free.
You will also able to place a Video call for free.
TextMee app also have a feature of Group chat.
You will get a personal number
and a Voicemail free from TextMe
app. You will able too share your pics, videos and lots more with your friends on TextMe app for free.
If your friend is not online then
you will able to leave a Voice-mail
for them. TextMe app is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Smartphone’s, Android Tablets and for Window’s phone.
TextMe app works fine over WiFi,
3G and over on 2G also.
How To Get The TextMe App For Your Smartphone..??
Getting the TextMe app on your
Smartphone is really very easy and simple, and if you have an ipad or iPod then this app converts your device into a free calling device.
follow the below listed instructions and you will able to get the app for
free in just 1 Minute.
First you have to
app on your Smartphone there are
two ways first is go to your App
store and find TextMe app and
download thee app from there and
the second one is Go on their website and download the app direct from their website.
Now once the download finished
Install the app on your Device.
Now follow the On Screen
instructions and create your free
account for getting free phone
number and a Voice mail from TextMe.
Once you get your own Number
now TextMe app sync all your
contacts and tells you that who
also using the same app or even
you can send invite to all your friend for joining you on TextMe
app for free.
Now enjoy Unlimited Free Calls and
Unlimited Free Text Messages To All
Over The World..!!
If you have any suggestions and queries about the App then feel free to leave your comments below.
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