Careful Selection of Fonts to Enhance Your Business Presence on the Web

The importance of fonts can be gauged from the fact that the designers take as much time as they can to research the correct fonts to incorporate in a design. Many designers preferred creating their own fonts to convey a message accurately. So, to suggest high quality, loyalty, trust and every positive thing that is associated with old times, you can use vintage fonts. For expression of sophistication, a delicate font is ideal whereas you can use minimalist sans sarif fonts to give impression of a text being logical and factual such as in a blog design.
If as a designer, you are creating something for print media; sans fonts is usually the preferred choice. In serif fonts, there are small lines at the end of letters. These lines make a word easily recognizable. Some often used serifs are Times New Roman and Book Antiqua. But these fonts look good on printed material.
For digital mediums, however, sans serif fonts are better choice. These fonts do not have any additional flourish at the end of the letters. Since they are simple fonts, the designers prefer using them for online work such as blog design and brochure design. Because these fonts look simple on computer and mobile screens, graphic and web designers use them more often. Arial and Gills Sans are popular example of these fonts.
The designers should also have slab serif, script and decorative fonts in their kitty. Slab sarif has thick and bold sarif lines that the designers can use for headlines and titles and to put forth an argument. Rockwell and College are examples of these types of fonts. Script fonts such as Black Chancery and The Carpenter are generally used to highlight special occasions such as parties and invitations. Decorative fonts give strong message. These eye-catching fonts have been used in brands like Kool-Aid and Disney and in so many other logo designs.
So, designers must have an array of fonts and should give thought to selecting a particular one. However, for a serious work, it is not easy to pick up fonts so quickly. First, a designer must know the message a logo, brochure, website page, stationery design intends to convey to the customers. Selection of font should be on the basis that it is capable of adding value to the message.
With typography being such a necessary design element, a good collection of fonts from the above mentioned categories will surely help. Send the intended message by using only a correct font. The message of a business can be understood from the design brief received from the clients who post logo design contests on design crowdsourcing sites such as Designhill.



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